Texas Holdem Button Position

If you are, “On The Button” in Texas holdem it means that you are the symbolic dealer. The house, of course, provides the real dealer for the game but he will deal the cards as if they are coming from your position on the table.

When you are on the button in Teas Hold Em Poker then you are in the best position possible. If you are playing tight this is the place that you should loosen your poker play just a bit. The reason is that you have all the information about what all of the players are going to do. It is a good idea if you are in this position to access the idea of stealing the blinds. If no one raises the blind before it gets to you then a raise, particularly if you have a halfway decent hand. Stealing the blinds with a semi-bluff may sound like chipping nickels and dimes out of an ice berg but when you take a look and see that there are perhaps five or six big bets in the pot that can contribute to your bottom line. You might change your mind.

Button Position

Or the two seats immediately to the right of the button means that there is less of a chance of being raised since you are acting last or nearly last. If you have a hand that would normally just let you limp into the pot, you might consider raising. This might force the players between you and the button to fold their cards. You in a sense, buy the button with the raise. If no one has raised before the bet gets to you then you are in a good position the steal the blinds with a raise.

The raise in late position confuses the enemy. They might deduce that the raise in late position is done just because you are in late position. But they will not know. They may suspect that you are raising just to eliminate players but they will not be certain. If the players on the big and small blinds are the type to defend them at all costs you will still have position on them throughout the hand.

If you use this strategy there will come a point when even the dullest player catches on that you always raise the pot when you are on the button even if you only have a mediocre hand. They will begin to call you. Without twitching a muscle in your face you sigh and say to yourself, “Ahhh, let the money roll.” You say this because you are not always going to have a hand just to draw to. From time to time you are going to have very good cards. Good enough to beat the board. It is with these hands that you recoup all of those hopeful raises and make lots of money.

Conversely there are going to be times when someone limps in with a call in early position just waiting for your raise so that he can reraise. If you have suited and connected cards. Call the reraise and fold after the flop if you miss. Most especially if you have some thing like Jack of Diamonds and Ten of Diamonds. It is unlikely that your opponent if going to raise with a hand lower than a Queen.

Playing on line can sort of distort the picture for you. For one thing it makes position on the table to seem to be more of a minor thing than it really is. The play moves way to fast at times and they give you buttons to click so that you can automatically call or raise a bet. It is of course to their advantage to move the game along as fast as they can. They make their money on the pot rake. Notice when you play on line that the dealer has a slot next to his right hand. The money that accumulates there is the pot rake. Of course, in a play money game it does not cost you anything to play. In a game played for real money it is a factor and should be taken into account. The fewer hands that you play. The less you pay.

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